Towards the aetiology of paedophobia

Looking at the link between pedophobia and capitalism

Heretic TOC

Heretic TOC began an exploration of deep waters recently in Whither the punitive state?, which delved into some fundamental questions about the kind of society we are and how we might live better. A lively debate ensued. One contributor, Lensman, outlined a green vision of the future. As I requested, he now takes this further in the first of two guest blogs. He begins with an analysis of our present situation, especially the economic context of paedophobia*; his second piece will set us upon a Deep Green course.    

Lensman tells me he is a “psychogeographer” and artist, whose work is informed by such issues as stigma, alienation and longing. He is an avid reader, music-lover, an intrepid explorer of the shabby edges of cities, friend to fungi and an all-round culture vulture. He writes the occasional short story, essay, and poem. Growing up in a…

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2 thoughts on “Towards the aetiology of paedophobia

  1. lensman says:

    Thanks for your interest in my essay, beyourselfunless.

    I’m curious about your username – is it short for ‘be yourself unless you happen to love children’?

    Good luck with your blog – I’m looking forwards to reading about your experiences and feelings as a female paedophile.


    • Thanks for writing it! I found it very interesting and agree completely about “consumer sexualisation”. And yes, that’s it exactly.
      Thanks, I’m excited to finally start writing about these things – I’ve been scared for a long time.


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